Soul Plan Reading and Healing

Soul Plan LogoA Soul Plan reading helps you discover your core essence, higher purpose, and direction; as well as offer guidance on how to clear anything that may be blocking you from realizing your full potential or ‘Soul Destiny’. 

Soul plan will help you understand yourself at a much deeper level; and become aware of the challenges, talents, and goals you have agreed to experience in this lifetime. It will also provide you with clear guidance on anything that may be blocking you from realizing your full potential.

Soul Plan is based on the sound vibration of your birth name. A session will take approximately 90 minutes and will include your soul plan reading and a grace clearing/healing. You will also receive a soul plan report. A 1.5 hour session is £90.


 Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) Session

Soul Transformation Therapy is a new and complete therapy system which uses a Soul Archetype Tarot Deck to get to the deeper underlying root cause of an issue.  Many issues may lie in the unconscious soul levels; so this therapy will go beyond the conventional therapeutic route and look at the spiritual, emotional, body memory, and/or ancestral lineages to address the core origin.

When the Soul is constricted into the physical body it is expressed through many sub-selves with a central awareness to varying degrees. We are influenced by archetypes and polarities that can take up much space in our inner world and then manifest out into circumstances in the physical world. To achieve integration and become more whole Soul Transformation Therapy helps bring unconscious sub-selves to conscious awareness in order to heal and achieve your full potential.

Soul Transformation Therapy can also be used for spiritual growth and personal development even when there are no obvious symptoms present.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes. A one hour session is £75.

Here is the link to a blog post where I write about my husband healing from cat allergy using Soul Transformation Therapy: Brendan Luz Comes Home.