When We Heal

The deeper we go within the more visible the ‘invisible’ patterns become so we can heal these patterns that limit us and keep us stuck, hidden within structures, or buried under layers of challenges. The deeper we travel inward the less separate we feel from others around us. There is no conflict, there is no fear, there is no shame, there is no guilt, and there is no judgment in a world where we can see clearly. To see clearly is to use all of our intuitive senses – our inner sight. When we see clearly, we find truth and step fully into our power.

Who I am
Photo shoot
September 2019

I was born and raised in New York, USA by my parents who are originally from San Juan, Argentina. Since my early teens I have been interested and curious on all things mystical and esoteric, but I would be utterly fascinated with one foot in (the foot of curiosity), and another foot out (the foot of fear).

The cultural environment I was raised in did not offer the outlets or deeper knowledge to understand and expand beyond the religious and cultural structures I was brought up in; however, it did give me a solid foundation and safe family setting to grow from.  I learned of the powerful healing energy through prayer; and intuitive gifts which existed both on my maternal and paternal sides of the family, but which were never talked about in greater depth mainly due to fear of the unknown.

Since 2012, I have been stripping away the fears that have kept me from fully expressing myself. In the process I have been exploring, learning, embracing, accepting,  forgiving, and integrating the many aspect of who I am. I share my healing journey through writing and art in my blog.

I am an intuitive healer, multidimensional channel, spiritual counselor, writer, and international development specialist.

What I Do

I help others heal themselves by strengthening their connection with their higher Self. I raise awareness through art, writing, and energy healing; and I channel this information from the various dimensions in which we exist.  My mission is to receive from the higher realms and share the message with others.

Until 2018, I worked in the international development industry for nearly two decades on donor- funded programs. I traveled and lived throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and worked on programs related to agriculture, economic growth, governance, post-conflict, rule of law and legal reform.

While the opportunities to learn and help were amazing, I always felt that I wasn’t truly helping. I reached the point where I needed to shift the ‘external’ help to one that is inward. By taking the inward journey, I have learned that the real change takes place in ourselves to then see it manifest in our external reality – and this is what I help others see deep within themselves as well.

Personal Development

Since moving to the UK in 2012, I have attended many lectures, workshops, and courses on various topics related to the mind, body, spirit genre; and bring this experience and knowledge into my writing, healing practice, and consulting services.

Specialized Training in Holistic Healing

Spiritual Counseling – Diploma from the Holistic Healing College

Soul Plan Practitioner – Holistic Healing College, London

Soul Transformation Therapy – Holistic Healing College, London

Mediumship: College of Psychic Studies with Gordon Smith