Strength and Balance

Healing the Central Support System

Strength and Balance
Strength and Balance

There are many layers of information here that would be too extensive and complex to write; so I encourage you to reflect on this image first before reading the brief information I offer below.  Everyone will see, feel, and remember something different.

– Here are some questions to guide you:

– What is the first thing you see?

– What are you drawn to?

– What does it remind you of?

– How does it make you feel?

What comes to you is where you may currently need healing, or what you may need to reflect on.

Meditation practice for healing

This symbol is related to our spine and the energy running up from our base (root chakra) and through our heart center and beyond. As it moves up our spine it splits to either side equally – clearing our lower back and kidney area; and then moving up into our chest area – our feeling center – which is another form of expression and communication.

As you visualize this vital life force running up and down the spine it starts to flow more easily and it helps align and balance the energies between the left and right side of the body. It extends through our head to our sun above; and down through our feet to the core of earth below forming a pillar of light through the body.

After visualizing this clearing and pillar of light, imagine a seed in your heart center. This seed starts to grow as it is nourished by this light from above and below. This seed of light starts to grow, and grow until you are enveloped in a cocoon of light which is your own light – mini sun shining from within. Sit in this healing light for as long as you need it.

About the drawing

I received this symbol on June 17, 2019, on the day of the full moon while connecting with Venusian (Venus) angelic energy. I finished the drawing on July 19, 2019. I used color pencils, watercolor pencils, and water with shungite crystals.

What the Venusians have mastered, and are sharing with us, is a balance between our divine feminine and divine masculine energies. We have many symbols in common since we share the same “father” or in other words the same sun (star) in this solar system.[1]

I felt a strong presence from the Hathors while finishing this drawing; and like us, the Venusians were also influenced by Hathor beings.[2] On Earth, the Hathors had a very important role in setting up the Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics. They are very much associated with the divine feminine energies that is resurging in our world today.

This symbol may also communicate information related to creation stories that we can piece together from many tribes[3], cultures and societies from around the world; and through temples, astrology, and so on and so forth. However, I am meant to relay the image which speaks more than words could ever fully convey since the journey is unique to each individual. The information that you are ready to receive is what will come forward by meditating on this symbol; and anything else you seek to explore for yourself.


[1] It is through the Sun that we have come to manifest this reality using its light to support us; and to anchor our light through (mother) Earth who grounds us in this present moment.

[2] According to The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon, the Hathor beings entered this Universe through a portal via the Sirius star system and had incarnations on Venus as well. Prior to reading this information, I also experienced a similar passage into this Universe in a Life between Life session in 2017; so I deeply resonate with the information and share it here for anyone who may also find it interesting.

[3] After I finished this drawing, I found it most extraordinary to read in The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple on pp 75-76 about the color of Venus and how I found similarities in my own drawing. He writes “The placenta is used by the Dogon Tribe as a symbol of a system of groups of stars or planets … The planets and satellites (and companions) are associated to the circulating blood and to the “seeds”… that flow with the blood. In our own solar system all the planets emerged from the placenta of our sun. The planet Venus was formed from blood which fell on the placenta. (Venus ‘was blood red when she was created, her color fading progressively’)”.

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