Surrender To All That Is

Head healing to help with balance, alignment, and improve communication

Surrender To All That Is
Surrender To All That Is

On May 20, 2019 while in deep meditation and connecting with the Sirius star energies, I was shown four symbols that, when visualized together around the head, helps clear our head space, balance our energies, and connect us to our inner wisdom. It strengthens our connection with our higher self and guides. The four symbols in the order in which I received them:

  • Pineal gland/ Third eye healing (in the center of our head):
  • Crown chakra healing (the Merkaba – six-pointed star – the human light-body)
  • Ears (spinning clockwise – like a wheel)
  • Occipital chakra (at the lower back of our skull – known as a channeling center)

Try visualizing each of these in their position around the head. The occipital chakra is connected to our ears (our inner hearing/listening) and channeled through our heart center. The third eye also reaching out and connecting to this inner listening system.

We are channels of energy and information and when we are aligned and balanced within, information flows through our heart chakra space (our feeling center) and through our throat chakra (our vocal cords). The clearer we receive the clearer we give; and vice versa.

I have felt an incredible healing around my head with Sirian energy both in November 2018, when I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session, and then in May 2019 while sitting in circle (monthly meditation group I attend in Surrey).  Last week I was called to share this healing image so I started the drawing which I finished on July 7, 2019. I used a combination of watercolor pencils and acrylic paint.

2 thoughts on “Surrender To All That Is

  1. A little while ago I tried to meditate visualizing the “surrender to all that is” drawing, positioning each element in the right part of my head.
    It usually takes around 15/20 minutes for me to go into deep meditation but as soon as I started to visualise the different elements I went right into deep meditation, I felt I was floating in a different dimension and there was a very strong energy working on the right side of my head. The whole process felt amazing and as if something was shifting within me at a deep level.
    I felt energized and amazing the day after and a couple of days later I was in a conference and for the first time I saw an aura, I have been able to see white light surrounding people, animals and objects many times but I was never able to see colours. I am sure that something shifted within me.
    Thank you for sharing Yassica.

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! It is great to hear that it has helped in some way 🙂

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