The Journey Begins

Shortly after moving to England in June 2012, I started to become more aware and aligned with my true essence. It seemed that aspects of myself had been dormant inside of me waiting to be ignited so I could see them clearly. In the years leading up to my fortieth birthday, I learned of intuitive and healing abilities that I had not been aware of before. What I was discovering was a bit surprising since I was not consciously seeking out these experiences, but it was exciting nevertheless. However, it was not until 2017 that I started a fast and transforming healing process that left me in awe of our human potential and who we are as humans.

I applied to the College of Psychic Studies’ Integrated Healing Diploma Course, went through the interview process, and by the end of 2016 I learned that I was turned down. The message read, “The tutors see great potential in you….it is obvious that you have healing and intuitive gifts. However, they feel it would benefit you to do some more personal development courses so that you may get to know yourself more and build the robustness that is necessary to deal with whatever might come up during the two-year course.”  They went on to encourage me to re-apply for the next intake and wished me the very best of luck in the future.

I took their message in stride and decided to commit to my personal development every month for a whole year. I promised myself that I would attend at least one thing every month that had to do with my personal development; whether it was a workshop, a lecture, a book, a healing session, a reading, or a retreat. I surrendered to the universe to be guided and followed my intuition. Each month turned out to be very different from the previous one; and what I thought would be a monthly commitment turned out to be a daily one.

What I discovered and learned month after month was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Each month felt crazier than the previous one; and when I thought things could not get any weirder I entered the realm of the fantastical. The veils truly started to fall off and what they were revealing was extraordinary.

Throughout the year I dived into the world of fairies, crystals, ascended masters, star beings, past lives, life between lives, and hybrids. While also shedding the many layers of conditioning, fears, and pre-conceived notions that needed to be released in order to better align to my soul’s purpose. I did not have a specific goal in mind; and in fact, I had not heard of some of the topics listed above. If I signed up for something it was because I was listening to my intuition and paying attention to the signs and portents from the Universe. Most importantly, I trusted the guidance.

When I eventually learned, later that year, that my soul chose to incarnate into a hybrid body in this lifetime I got emotional with a sense of joy. I did not know where this sense of recognition was coming from. Instead of fear I felt relief that I finally knew the truth of my birth in this life, but also of our human history on earth. Even though there were many moments of validation as it applied to my current life; it was still a very far-out and awkward thing to contemplate because of what ‘others’ might think. Needless to say, that year, the journey of personal development and discovery would surpass anything I could have ever imagined.

While all the topics mentioned above have been talked about for eons, and in various ways (through ancient scriptures and more recently in our modern history), the shift in mindset has not become the majority yet. I believe my story is important because even within the spiritual and scientific communities there is a glass ceiling that still needs to be shattered if we are going to embrace and truly understand unity consciousness and our human origins (and evolution). More and more people need to feel comfortable speaking up and expressing their truth without fear.

My own journey of self-discovery; of who I am in essence (in mind, body and spirit), and my soul’s plan and purpose in this lifetime was not an easy thing to wrap my head around since it did not fit in with the belief systems, culture, and family that I was born into. I had traveled the world through my career so I had been expose to an array of people, cultures, and belief systems. While I was very open-minded there were still many layers of conditioning, fears, and pre-conceived notions that needed to be shed.

I am, therefore, sharing what I know through my own experiences to help expand awareness of our human potential. I am adding to the many stories that have come before; so that when more and more people become aware of the infinite wisdom that resides within – and when this becomes the majority – then, as a collective, we will finally be able to shatter the barrier that limits our human potential as co-creators in this universe.

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