Transitioning – Part 3: True Compassion

After we have been through the process of integration and release, we are ready to be re-birthed. We are ready to shed our old skin and step into a new reality. The symbol in this artwork appeared in my mind’s eye on Nov. 8, 2017 but I did not understand it at that time. It … Continue reading Transitioning – Part 3: True Compassion

Transitioning – Part 2: When We Breathe

“She is breathing!” said the tour guide with a big smile on his face as we could see the smoke in the distance rising. We were on Mt. Etna in Sicily and I, too, could feel her breathing.  As I took a deep breath, I could feel her strength and how alive she was. It … Continue reading Transitioning – Part 2: When We Breathe

Transitioning – Part 1: The Merging

As I was sitting on a chair, with my feet flat on the floor, in deep meditation, I felt as if I was being transported from one dimension to the next. I started counting in my mind as I felt the shifts from one to the next and the next. I stopped counting at ten.  … Continue reading Transitioning – Part 1: The Merging

Transitioning Into a New Paradigm

On Earth, we live in a paradigm of duality but what would our reality look like if we shifted into a paradigm of unity? Below I share a series of images through artwork that explores the journey of transformation, release, and rebirth as we collectively prepare to transition into unity. The Merging As I was … Continue reading Transitioning Into a New Paradigm

Strength and Balance

Healing the Central Support System There are many layers of information here that would be too extensive and complex to write; so I encourage you to reflect on this image first before reading the brief information I offer below.  Everyone will see, feel, and remember something different. - Here are some questions to guide you: … Continue reading Strength and Balance

Surrender To All That Is

Head healing to help with balance, alignment, and improve communication On May 20, 2019 while in deep meditation and connecting with the Sirius star energies, I was shown four symbols that, when visualized together around the head, helps clear our head space, balance our energies, and connect us to our inner wisdom. It strengthens our … Continue reading Surrender To All That Is

Birthing Creations

We are all similar creations, yet unique in our expression continuously birthing new creations into existence. The process is without beginning or end symbolizing the self-reflecting eternal spirit. We are all awakening the space in-between to re-member that we are all connected as the same source. We are an interconnected flow of energy.

Making Friends with Spirituality

I have found that there are as many definitions and feelings towards spirituality as there are people in this world. We each have our unique soul journey and therefore have a unique interpretation of what spirituality means to us. We are continuously contributing our knowing to the collective understanding of spirituality, and as our experiences … Continue reading Making Friends with Spirituality